Entry 0021: My Other Telephone is My Left Earhole


EP: Telephone Thing by the Fall

1989 Cog Sinister 876 611-7, 7-inch

Favorite Track: Telephone Thing


Here are some highlights from the recent text messages I received or sent. Sadly, some really good ones got deleted before I thought of this idea. Perhaps I will do it again. Plenty of NSFW language and conceptual nightmares:


BEETS: “You’re going to get that potato tattoo with me.”


BEETS: “Are we talking actual bees or metaphorically for cocks?”

BEETS: “No cock is going to get stuck in my hive because of honey.”


PINEAPPLE: “Question has anyone ever opened up a battery store next to a Hustler store?”


POTATO: “Takin any ladies into the bathroom tonight silverlips?”


MELON: “What time tmw?”


MELON: “Cookie.”


CHEESE: “Chomp some ghosts for me!”


9:20 in the morning

KUMQUAT: “Happy birthday. I made it snow for you. You are welcome.”

PINEAPPLE: “Thank you. I just realized I forgot to tell everyone not to wear a bra at my party.”





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