Entry 0027: Sick Days


7-inch: Why Are People Grudgeful? by the Fall

1993 Permanent Records 7S PERM 9

Favorite Track: Why Are People Grudgeful?


In my corrupted memory, sick days are incredible. A day spent in pajamas, reading books and watching comedies while being served hot soup, orange juice, and the occasional vile cough syrup. Maybe once or twice, I played the SNES Clue game for hours on end. There was an awful lot of icky green snot for a boy of my size. My poor sensitive nose would first go red like Rudolph then crack and flake like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Ultimately, though, a sick day was a typical Saturday–a day of respite and tranquility.

Not so anymore.

A sick day is a dreadful waste of time. Gone are the days where I can focus on reading. With how little reading I am getting done this month (I’ve haven’t read a single book in the month of March and only one in February!), this especially annoys me. I cannot even watch movies or television shows. I tried to watch Seinfeld and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I saw George get turned on by a mango and then Ziggy Freud attempt to hit on an 80’s girl at a shopping mall. Luckily, illness also prevents me from dreaming. My observations have led me to discern that I often fall sick after a long period of time where I am not getting enough sleep–this last week and a half being exactly that. So it makes sense that I would spend two straight days sleeping to recuperate. I also believe that eating well, drinking lots of fluids, and getting plenty of sleep is the best way to fight disease. Usually, I am only laid up for two or three days at max.

However, I am reading Alexandre Dumas’s The Three Musketeers and I really wish I could spend the days finishing it. Dumas is excellent at writing the most stirring of action tales and lacing them with humor and poignant jabs at society. The three musketeers (and d’Artagnan the musketeer in training) are not good people, the way people tend to talk about them. They are quite despicable and ready to get into a fight for blind loyalty or for puffed out ego, they cannot hold onto any nice gifts for sake of fulfilling their lusts of food, wine and gambling, and Athos has quite a hatred for women. And then you have d’Artagnan relentless desire for revenge which has him running naked through the streets of Paris after having a night of entertainment with Milady with poor Kitty hearing from the next room. Of course, I am not finished with the book so there may be some small hope that can redeem themselves although I do not suspect that is the case. Dumas I think is lampooning this idea of “the old way of life” that some people may have been pining for in his lifetime. Either way, I cannot recommend the Three Musketeers and the Count of Monte Cristo enough.

And, when better, I am definitely going to read the sequels.


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