Entry 0035: Rowdy Music for Rowdy Times


LP: Bad Brains by Bad Brains

Unknown Release date ROIR Records RUSLP 8223

Favorite Track: Banned in D.C.


I’ve got a case of bad brains. Since the start of April when I have been plagued my migraine symptoms and post-migraine hangovers, my brain has felt empty in creativity. Many times I have sat down to attempt to write a story and I am lucky if I even get a few words out. Of course, this would happen right when I was starting to feel confident again in my writing and was starting to begin that novel that has rattled around in my head for years. I know this will pass. But to say that I am frustrated is an understatement.

I need a spark. This blog started as a spark. One idea is to go back to writing by pen and paper again. I stare at too many computer screens at work already. A vacation is needed outside the city. A place where I can just be calm. Away from noise. Sleeping near the sound of water.

While taking a break from this entry, eating my veggie bagel, I had the record store urge seep into my blood and bones. Something is waiting for me. I must heed the call.

Also, all of you should read the first two Three Musketeers books by Alexandre Dumas. He is the master of adventure and suspense.

I will try to write again tomorrow.


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