Entry 0037: Plastic Electricity and the Zag Zig Wanderer


LP: Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band

Unknown Year Buddha Records BDS 5001

Favorite Track: Electricity


Call on me Zag Zig Wanderer. There is plastic electricity in the air.

Moonbeams and sunjeans. Shadows undressing at noon. You take the yellow brick road down to the factory with the wrench in your back held heavily in your hairy hands. Baboons so soon. Get a job, get a job, getajob getaslobjob jobslob. The great echo in between you eyes. Needle down. The scratch of vinyl. Static.

Zag Zig Wanderer, you paint autumn with your footsteps, repel summer dropout with your trout mask, free winter with ice zoom sparks, and facilitate spring’s slow crawl from the honey wine ballroom. I’m glad to own a hound’s tooth around my neck. Your hands high voltage through me to you. Stay around and wanna do what? Stay around and wanna do what? North pole star and south pole ocean. Go back tens years ago and get a job…

The bee ‘n’ flower factory rots with oilperfume and matchablerags. Mumble and light, strike and swing. The persimmon arc lingers traces. Grey clouds scream and stampede for the exits, mowing down the footstamped album covers. Zag Zig, stupid smart grin in the corner of his eyes, thumbing his peace pockets. My lips kiss the night above the flames of your artistry. I told you, I told you, I told you boss man, let me boss man let me boss let me be me be be.

Cottonwood in row roads. July like a wide-expanse thigh. Follow the one, two, three, four, five lines. Apple stare and fancy sandals. Call on me Zag Zig Wanderer. Women boogie you, childless and light. Just can’t school, just can’t school. Where there’s plastic, a Zag Zig Wanderer torches, living for the cornhusk smell, the cowboy harvest. We all can’t be fall children bobbing lemons in wine casks.

Record music. Black discs bubbling. Music hissing like cold steam. Charred tape snakes slithering disintegrating tails. Guitar lost and amplified frost. Percussion ghosts snapclapwrap exhaust. Madness record. Madness recording. There is plastic electricity in the air. Suffocate job baboon sparking vinyl stampedes for grey cloud boss man with wide-expanse school eyes.

Mr. Zag Zig Wanderer, you are safe as milk.


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