Entry 0049: Popcorn Double Feature


7-inch: Popcorn Double Feature by the Fall

1990 Cog Sinister SIN 5

Favorite Track: Popcorn Double Feature


This blog entry just became difficult. I originally perceived it as a critical review of Mad Max Fury Road and Jurassic World. Especially comparing and contrasting the female leads between the two. Fury Road has an obvious feminist message and a host of strong, fun, and bad-ass women surviving in the post-apocalyptic desert and fighting in great car chase sequences. The main protagonist Furiosa goes on a journey of self-discovery while trying to save the young breeders from  Joe’s horrible control: she believes they can flee to an idyllic Eden of her childhood, but it is not there. It is just dust in the wind. Growing up means turning and facing your challenges, fixing the corrupt society you live in. Also, killing the tyrant.

However, I must admit that I was more intrigued by the villains of the movie. The men were wild, mad, ferocious, hilarious in quotes (“Witness me!”) and, for the most part, deformed with no reason why. I couldn’t stop wondering what was going on with the men: did their misogyny manifest itself physically? Or did radiation and other post-apocalyptic problems re-enforce the struggle for control and dominance? Joe had a tad of Henry the VIII in him–a man desperate to produce a male heir but shooting blanks. Or in the case of Fury Road, running over your progeny while racing to bring him back.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am glad for the message about violence toward women and sex slavery. Fury Road is a great step forward for portrayal of women in movies and addressing important issues. I just happen to be someone who will always be more interested in the bad guys/girls.

I also find it interesting that in “feminist movies” (whatever that is really suppose to mean?) the woman typically is associated with one of the worst traits of men: violent. Where are the “feminist movies” where men are associated with one of the best traits of women: compassion?

Now Jurassic World already has a meme concerning Claire running away from dinosaurs in high heels. Also, she undoes her shirt to become more revealing, has the most unrealistic love interest with the lead male character, and did I mention she ran away from a dinosaur in high heels through mud? I strongly suspect that whoever designed those heels paid to have her wear those throughout the movie.

That being said, Claire makes a journey of self-discovery as well. Opposite of Furiosa, you are not suppose to like Claire at the start of the movie. She is selfish, ignores her family, thinks of living dinosaurs merely as numbers on a graph, and is not afraid to create monsters to generate revenue. But as her park crashes down all around her, she holds a dying dinosaur’s head and finds empathy; she saves her sister’s children and learns the importance of staying connected to blood; her business exterior crumbles into dust. She even learns to love Owen although that damn love story is a mess. The point is Claire makes a similar journey as Furiosa and is not the one dimensional character as the high heels meme makes her out to be. The problem is with Jurassic World’s script: it is a mess. Too many story lines and ideas that most are never resolved or quickly resolved mired with a portrayal of women from a 50’s magazine.

Anyways, I was trying to avoid all of that because what I really wanted to do is make a list of some of my favorite popcorn double features that I would love to watch outside.

Here they are:

Steve Martin Night:

Feature One: The Man With Two Brains

Feature Two: The Jerk


Arnold Schwarzenegger Night:

Feature One: Total Recall

Feature Two: Commando


Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Night (I actually have a million of these):

Feature One: Outlaw of Gor

Feature Two: Mitchell


Cheesy Horror Movie Night:

Feature One: Chopping Mall

Feature Two: Brain Damage


Good Horror Movie Night:

Feature One: Suspiria

Feature Two: The Thing


Sci Fi Action Night:

Feature One: Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai

Feature Two: Big Trouble in Little China


Comedy Night:

Feature One: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Feature Two: Clue


French New Wave Night:

Feature One: Band of Outsiders

Feature Two: Jules and Jim


Akiro Kurosawa Night (really an all day event):

Feature One: Seven Samurai

Feature Two: Ran


Anime Movie Night:

Feature One: Princess Mononoke

Feature Two: Akira


Anime Series Night:

Feature One: Select episodes from Cowboy Bebop

Feature two: Select episodes from Neon Genesis Evangelion


Anime Series Night 2:

Feature One: Select episodes of Death Note

Feature Two: Select episodes of Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated


Okay, that is enough for now.



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