Entry 0064: A New Year is Coming


EP: Everything Gone Green by New Order

1981 Factory Benelux FBNL 8, 12″ single

Favorite Track: Everything Gone Green


Unfortunately, I am ending the year with a sore throat. 2015 was a strange year. The first half disappeared like that third beer you have with friends and you don’t realize the bar is about to close. There was a lot of promise that my life would change: a full-time job, settling into more permanent housing, even a hint or two about a potential girlfriend. My writing was improving. I had story ideas. I got sucked into the Three Musketeers saga. An amazing amount of excellent concerts filled my nights and exceeded my expectations. The summer was hot enough, but not unbearable. I grew excited with each day.

Then everything seemed to go wrong.

I didn’t get not one, but five full time jobs. The girl stopped talking to me. Autumn flew by so fast I didn’t really have time to enjoy it and prepare for Halloween. More job opportunities happened but all with very weird catches. Sadness and sorrow filled the lives of many people nearby me. At moments, I thought I woke up in a nightmare world of my own creation–I certainly write enough bizarre stuff on this blog. And then I came down with a sore throat.

But, in less than 24 hours, 2015 will be a memory. I don’t know what 2016 will bring. Right now, I only feel like talking about the good times of 2015. The highlights include:

  1. Maybe best year of my life collecting records. Unfortunately, I spent too much of them and must do better next year not to spend like I did.
  2. Some of my best friends got married, had babies, and got engaged.
  3. Excellent concerts.
  4. A most special trip to the Pacific Northwest.
  5. Got to see my family a lot this year.

Tonight, I am going to roll away the blues by playing board games. Thank you everyone who reads this blog. As soon as I am done being sick, I am going to start a more serious writing project on this blog.

My resolution will be to update three times a week.

Let’s see if I do that.



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