Entry 0070: Three Sentence Bowie Stories Part Two


LP: The Next Day by David Bowie

2013 ISO Records 88765461861

Favorite Track: The Next Day


Welcome back to Three Sentence Bowie Stories, where I take a David Bowie song and turn it into a three sentence story. If you missed the first part, here is the link: What in the World.


  1. Rebel Rebel

Janus had never garroted someone before, let alone Emperor Axe the Second. The high-carbon piano wire slid effortlessly through the mounds of neck flesh and the wide esophagus, destroying the fat fuck’s tyrannical voice, and restoring power to the people unless Janus decided to pick up the crown from the pool of dark cherry blood and place it on her own head which was a sort of temptation right now as power surged from the piano wire up through her fingers, arms, shoulders, and into her neck which seemed to stretch skyward with pride, potential and a sort of sickening lust. From the shadows behind the curtains, Judas soundlessly unsheathed a sharp blade.

2. China Girl

The oldest dance in the world had her jumping from man to man. Back home, her parents were arranging a good marriage with Ha Jinn, a classroom friend who now successfully ran a bicycle delivery service. When she came to America to study biochemistry, she never expected to learn the formula for explosive love.

3. Always Crashing into the Same Car

Gerald never wore a crash helmet so his face resembled the type of unsolved puzzle found in certain hospital wings. He barked when twisting the ignition, punched the ceiling as the lumbering automobile began to pick up speed, and laughed a reckless high-pitched cackle as the rear view mirror fell off right before impact. Wrecking his life was his sole addiction and it gave him drive to confront his problem head-on.

4. Fantastic Voyage

Dr. Long Ghost watched as the grout renovated into city streets, the headlights of miniature cars tracing right turns, and the tiles rose into great skyscrapers from which radio antennae and beacons emitted a soft phosphorescence. For many hours, Dr. Long Ghost contemplated the meaning of existence found on his bathroom floor. By dawn, he was found eating spaghetti squash in the bathtub, giggling with a maniac’s insight that he used to be a character from a novel.

5. Fascination

Rebecca had no use for love now, but before she had found that she had entirely too much of it and years flew past in a passionate whirlwind with many men and women. Men and the occasional forward woman would give her their phone numbers every time she went out, but she slipped the scraps of paper into passing stranger’s pockets dreaming of the chaos and unexpected love she was causing. She never inspected the hardness of her heart until, one night during a blizzard and she was driving desperately from work to get home before the road conditions got even worse, the song came on the radio and she was forced to pull over for tears.

6. Beauty and the Beast

Beast was beautiful, danced with all the ladies, had illegitimate children, and fancied his conduct irreproachable. Beauty was ugly, gave herself on her hands and knees to the vilest of men, tears had made permanent canals under her eyes, and her soul yearned for the caress of Beast so that she could not sleep at night for the shivering. In a dark magical cave, Beauty killed the Beast by becoming the Beast herself.

7. Station to Station

ZIGY704 stepped onto the train platform, a fedora pulled low over its eyes. 346.74 hours on the lam as the System checked every nook and cranny in Central Processing, finding the false tracks laid down to buy ZIGY704 time. This was only one of the many stations ZIGY704 would use in its journey of self-discovery–a journey that only at the end, did ZIGY704 realize, had no end.

8. Golden Years

The last sentence seemed too small on the page, but it had been penned and the author’s life work was now finally completed. Different emotions simmered inside his mind, so the author went to his cabinet and pulled out an unopened bottle of bourbon, pouring himself two fingers worth of the semi-transparent brown liquid. The emptiness of his house surrounded him.

9. Boys Keep Swinging

Jared clipped Will on the chin as Daryl sucker-punched his kidneys while Merrick stomped on the bodies of Paul and Reefer when, with an inarticulate shout, Amadeus broke the jaws of three young punks. Will returned the favor to Jared who spat out a tooth and gave both Will and Daryl a black eye as Merrick grappled with Amadeus over a few corpses lying curb-stomped on the pavement when Will fell before Jared and Daryl wiped the blood from the gash in his forehead, his eyes small and red. They circled each other before snapping ribs and Merrick lost a finger but Amadeus fared the worst and Jared had a moment of hesitation which is when the brick came crashing down on his skull.

10. Red Money

After getting off at the Kano Station and ducking through the alleyways leading to the Soundway Club, Vargas polished his boots, carefully removing tufts of cat hair from the treads. He knocked, greeted the doorman with a curt nod, and was ushered into the back room where Bola Bateke, wearing his immaculate white pinstriped suit, greeted him jovially with a briefcase full of red money. “I never ask an artist why they do it,” Bola laughed while taking back the machete he had lent Vargas, “Especially those who deal in the most creative and punishing of arts: assassination.”


Thanks for reading. There will be a third part.


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