Entry 0071: New Cha-Cha-Changes For Storiesonrecords


LP: Aftermath by the Rolling Stones

1966 London Records PS 476

Favorite Track: I Am Waiting


Many new things are happening in my life. Since October, I have traveled back and forth from Cincinnati to Milwaukee in an attempt to land a full time job with the Milwaukee public library. I was in the Top 5% of test scorers to be granted an interview. The interview went well. Long days and nights happened with me flip-flopping on whether I was glad to be leaving Cincinnati or not. I had so many friends here; I could make new friends. I would have more time to write; I would have less time to write because I would be working full time. There are two incredible record stores in Cincy; there are awesome records stores in Milwaukee. It would be a fun new adventure which would be refreshing; I am slowing down and looking more to settle down. Then all kinds of thoughts about money. Was it enough? I would lose all that sick pay I have accrued. Etc.

Then, after months, the rejection letter arrived in my mailbox on my 33rd birthday. Luckily, I was distracted catching up with a friend that I didn’t find it until the next day. I did not get the job. I trembled. I could not tell you if it was because I was disappointed, elated, or just relived that I had to stop thinking about it.

On a lighter note, for my birthday I received Beethoven’s 4th Symphony on vinyl. It is my first piece of classical music in my collection. I am excited to create a small classical music section devoted to my all-time favorite pieces. I am hoping not to exceed 30 records but we will see. I love classical music. Expect my next post to be a list of potential favorites.

Finally, the most exciting news. I’ve decided to add a new page to this blog. Collaborating with one of the best artists I know, Cassandra Gallagher, I will be writing a longer story and she will be adding illustrations. My dream is for me to update one month with about a thousand or so words. The next month, she will update with some illustrations. I am hoping the story will roughly be about 10,000 words. I will constantly be adding and editing it, fixing bad grammar and poorly written sentences. So watch it grow here at https://storiesonrecords.wordpress.com/the-scatterdoyens/.


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