Entry 0077: Well, I Never Thought I Would Own That


EP: Procession by New Order

1981 Factory Records FAC.53

Favorite Track: Procession


Yesterday I was interviewed for the local paper about my record collection. The photo shoot was fantastic. I don’t have any desire to have a media presence but I am enthusiastic about records and how my collection came to be. After all, I just bought some records one day never realizing it would turn into a hobby or lifestyle or whatever it is that I’m doing. During the interview, I realized just how long I have been collecting for, how much it has become engrained into my weekly routine.

For the photo shoot, I got to pull out all of my precious rarities and first presses of punk and alternative music. One of them was a recent purchase–the orange version of Procession by New Order. I never thought I would own this 7-inch. I looked at this record on Discogs.com all the time, dreaming of which of the nine different colors I would discover at a record store. I even once almost bought it online. But the record remained elusive. Why would anyone sell it? The song is fantastic, the album cover iconic, and non-bootlegged Factory Records kind of a rarity these days. Maybe not super rare, but uncommon enough to be noticed by someone who record shops a lot.

How I found the record was typical record store shopping luck. I walked in and looked all around the basement. Found nothing worth buying. Hungry, I was about to leave when I decided to look at the new upstairs section for 7-inches. My eye scanned the wall and then froze. There it was in orange, one of my favorite versions of it. I laughed. But then I laughed harder when I got home.

While I was being interviewed, a story floated up from my subconsciousness but I didn’t have time to say it. But when you have a large collection like mine, you forget what you have and there is always a special day when you realize you are listening to a record you have owned for seven years but haven’t listened to in a while. That happened to me with New Order. I played a compilation that I bought way back when I lived in South Carolina and was pivotal in sparking my interest in that band. On that compilation was the song Procession.

I didn’t realize I already owned it.

But that wouldn’t have stopped me from buying the 7-inch. I live for record album art.


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