Entry 0078: On Record Collecting and Record Store Day


7-inch: Inconvenience by the Au-Pairs

1981 Human Records HUM 8

Favorite Track: Inconvenience


The local newspaper did a feature story about record collectors in Cincinnati. I was selected to be interviewed and photographed for the story, which can be read here: http://citybeat.com/cincinnati/article-35009-vinyl_revival.html. I had a lot of fun with this and I especially love Jesse Fox’s photograph, if you allow me to sound vain for a second.

With Record Story Day looming ahead of us, it got me thinking about the evolution of my record collection: how it started on a whim, how exploring a new genre of music reinforced my love for punk rock, how I discover new music, how I collect 7-inches now, and will it ever end? Here are some scattered thoughts:

  • You should be listening to the Au-Pairs. You might not have heard of them; they get the short shrift when people talk about post-punk music. I discovered them through a CD at the library titled Totally Wired, an excellent collection that exposed me to numerous bands including Pylon, the Mo-Dettes, and Romeo Void and also features some bands I knew a little about such as Delta 5, Bush Tetras, and the Raincoats. The Au-Pairs are a groovy band with brittle bursts of political and sexual noise-bombs that cut open the unconscious norms and divide your brain into new progressive thoughts. Your you can just shake your butt. Guaranteed to get you laid.
  • My record collection will end someday. I am actually incredibly close to finishing off my full-length punk collection. But the seven inches and new music and further exploration into older music will keep me busy for some time. Especially now that I am allowing myself to collect some classical music. I doubt I will go over 1,000 records though. And I will sell them off one day, hopefully to a young person just about to start a journey.
  • I like Record Store Day. I understand the complaints from smaller indie labels about getting their releases delayed over yet more re-printings of Bruce Springsteen albums. But that’s capitalism and that is why more people need to fix old vinyl plants or build new ones. I like Record Store Day because it has saved one of my favorite types of local businesses. I like the community aspect of it. Tonight, I am meeting with friends to have a sleepover and then wake up early and go stand in line. I’ll talk to people in line. Afterwards, at brunch, people will be spinning records. It’s a holiday and one of my favorites.
  • For the first time in a while, I am excited about new music. If you have not heard Savages, Shopping, Ought, or the Nots, get on it! Also, one of my all-time favorite bands Wire has a new album coming out that I am super excited about.
  • I cannot guarantee you will get laid. Disregard previous comment.



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