Entry 0079: 2016 Record Store Day


LP: Drastically Reduced by the Reduced

2016 ShakeIt Records SHAKE 1281

Favorite Track: Nervous Little Thing


When the list came out, I considered skipping Record Store Day. Nothing struck me as necessary. Then a record store owner told me Superior Viaduct was re-issuing early Fall singles, which intrigued me but outside of the album art (and I do collect things just for their album art) I didn’t really need another copy of the songs. I became more excited for the Northside Record Fair until I found out that I had to work all day of the fair. But I was busy with my new job, my best friend’s wedding, the NHL playoffs, and various other happenings that was making my life interesting.

Right before Record Store Day, I discovered that Shake It Records was releasing The Reduced, a punk staple house band for the Jockey Club. Many people have told me stories about the Jockey Club, a punk venue that closed down before I moved here, but sounds like it would have been my home. I became curious about this music that seems largely a part of local lore, but also a missing addendum to punk history.  I had two other incentives to check out this album: a friend designed the album cover and a co-worker’s brother was in the band. The night before Record Store Day came and I went giddy from some weird anticipation.

My friends and I lined up at Black Plastic this year and were first in line. They found excellent records, but I browsed and decided to save my money. I felt bad not supporting Black Plastic (but I am there almost every week so they sure do get a chunk of my money) but, like I said earlier, the list just didn’t cater to me this year. I knew Shake It also put out a bin of super rare records and I wanted to save my money for that.

The line to Shake It was still long by the time we got there. Once inside, I found the Reduced album and it was only 9.99. Excellent. The new B-side IPA by Rhinegeist was good, but not a stand out. My love for IPAs is dwindling and I find myself loving cheap beer more than craft beers. If I want something tasty, I’ll drink wine or bourbon. The super rare bin was incredible, but I couldn’t afford what I really wanted: a UK pre-release (limited to a 1000 copies I think) of the Sex Pistols’s only album Never Mind the Bollocks with the 7-inch Submission. I could have fainted. Both at such an artifact of history and at the cost. I thought about it the whole time at Shake It, but I couldn’t justify it especially with the other purchases I made, more on them later. Also in the bin: original Nirvana LPs, an 80 dollar Limp Bizkit LP, and some crazy metal LPs.

So what did I purchase: I caved and got the Fall singles. The album art is fantastic, the songs amateur-sounding but delightful, and what are my chances of finding originals? Then I found that Superior Viaduct also re-issued two Suicide singles and the only DNA single. Sound of cash register temporarily overtook my ears. Then I snagged a Nigerian Afrobeat box set titled Wake You Up volume one. It was an expensive chance that was worth it despite the waste of a lot of cardboard for a small but thick booklet. However, the songs are great, fuzzy, steeped in 70’s psychedelic and disco and funk. Plus, it gives me an opportunity to write a little sequel to Nigerian Nights. Then I found two gems: a re-issue of Sonic Youth’s Sister–one of my favorites by them and recently I have been on a huge Sonic Youth kick–and the Tubeway Army’s First Album, an LP I’ve never heard before but really, really enjoy–I’m also been having a resurgence of Gary Numan. The last time I went record shopping I found Replicas and Sonic Youth’s Washing Machine. Synchronicity?

So, the long story is, I thought this year I might skip Record Store Day and then ended up spending the most. Go figure.

Oh yeah. The Reduced rocks. Great guitar riffs that betray a classic rock/country influence over speedy drums and Damned-esque lyrics. Once again, I find myself born too late. But also glad that I am still young.


2 thoughts on “Entry 0079: 2016 Record Store Day

    • Well, I looked. Had they those Fall and Suicide 7-inches, I would have bought them. I’ll be curious to see what comes out next year and decide whether to line up at Black Plastic again or Shake It. Obviously, it is always going to be a line for Shake It, so is it better to do it first or wait till later?


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