Entry 0086: A Quick Word


7-inch: Cheree by Suicide

2016 Superior Viaduct SV105, Red vinyl

Favorite Track: I Remember


I bought this record on Record Store Day. It was a great surprise because I didn’t know it was being reissued and I had never heard the track “I Remember”. Wow. Simply, wow. Suicide was always good and creating haunting tracks with sparse sounds, but this one is on the level of “Frankie Teardrop”. Alan Vega croon-whispering “I remember” is a ghost story in itself.

Speaking of ghost stories, I am about to go camping in the stomach of Wisconsin and I cannot be more excited. But before I confront those northern tree spirits and wicked witches, I must select the appropriate books to bring with me. Recently, I had opened up a collection of M.R. James and read “Count Magnus” and “Oh, Whistle and I Will Come to You, My Lad”–two thoroughly enjoyable ghost stories but perhaps a bit too academic and stuffy for the wilderness. I am thinking about bring up Algernon Blackwood’s “The Willows” and some August Derleth who wrote ghost stories set in Wisconsin. I plan on reading a tale or two out loud around the camp fire.

I scored a lot of Michael Moorcock DAW books from the library book sale and recently dying to read more fantasy books. But I don’t have the second Elric book so instead I am going to bring all four Hawkmoon books. I am currently reading the first book in Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paksenarrion, which I am immensely enjoying and the series is seriously under-rated. The problem with bringing that is I have the omnibus edition and it is rather fat, weighing in at over a thousand pages.

Then there are the classics I want to bring: “Absalom, Absalom”, “Invitation to a Beheading” and “East of Eden”. Then I have to read “Hopscotch” the second way through where you hopscotch through the chapters.

And you can already see that I have too much to read and too little time. Either way, I am going to enjoy this trip–the one in Wisconsin and the one the books take me on.

So, obviously, I wouldn’t be updating this blog in a while. See you later, you freaks.


2 thoughts on “Entry 0086: A Quick Word

  1. Oh, just try reading during my constant renditions of Kumbaya, 99 Bottles of Beer, and that song about consuming fetid animal corpses that everyone finds so delightful. I will only break from singing to compose spontaneous odes to Wisconsin stereotypes that I spy (like when we cross the border and have to give milk samples from our teats to determine our Cheese Value for our Churning Visa.)


    • I will stuff the bones of cheese curds into my ears and saute flavor juice from the Northern Blonds to douse you in your musical climaxes. This will allow me time to read upside-down and above water.

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